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Fatherhood Program

The Fatherhood Program is a 13 week group that is currently co-facilitated by a probation officer volunteer and partners in the community. The program uses the Nurturing Father's Curriculum and materials. The interactive group utilizes activities that focus on attitudes and skills related to nurturing parenting. Participants learn how to abandon fathering practices that do not achieve desired results and adopt new, more nurturing and effective techniques. Participants are allowed into the group until the third week and program graduates are invited to a enjoy graduation ceremony with their friends and families. During the graduation, participants share their statements about the "Father They Choose to Be."

The group is approximately two hours long and dinner is served each week to all participants. The program is currently held on Wednesday nights at the Hope House in Roxbury, Massachusetts. The Nurturing Father's Program is also available in many locations across the state of Massachusetts through other agencies.

If you are interested in participating, please ask your Probation Officer to add you to the upcoming participant list.